Brief Encounters

  • There is no footprint too small to leave an impact on this world. - Author Unknown

We are glad you found us, but we're sorry for what brings you here.

Brief Encounters can help you feel less alone on your journey through grief. Here you may find helpful resources as you work through the pain of losing your babies. You can connect with parents who know the hard work of picking up the pieces of shattered dreams. Please join us as we learn how to be patient and kind to ourselves as the rest of the world tries to rush us through our grief. Here we have learned that making the journey with others is not nearly as lonely.


Register for Noah's Quest: A walk to remember our babies.

For everyone who has lost a child or the hope of a child and for those who care.  Join with other bereaved families and supportive friends at a community event on Saturday, June 23, 2018 from 8am to 2pm.  To register, please click here.

On the left side, click on Community Events --> Noah's Quest 2018

Noah's Quest Brick Order Form

Purchase a brick in memory of your baby(ies) to be placed in the memorial walkway at Sandy Bluff Park. Each brick can include up to three lines of text with 14 characters each (including spaces and punctuation). You may also choose a graphic for an additional charge.

Step 1:

To order your brick click here.

Step 2:

To pay for your brick click here.  ($50.00 for brick w/o graphic. $55.00 for brick w/ graphic)

If the link to pay for your brick does not work, click on the PayPal link on the bottom of the homepage.

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in exploring how you can volunteer with Brief Encounters please check out our volunteer opportunities here.


by Monica Welty
This poem was written by a bereaved parent from Brief Encounters;  we share it with her permission and our gratitude.
I would like to come and sit next to your pain
and you to mine.
Let’s cradle it, here together
on this soft couch in this big house with this lady with kind eyes
She knows our grief without telling hers
sitting here, in a room full of our stories Her short sentences telling us there is somewhere to get to from here.
Let’s whisper it, here to each other
Between sobs, choked in the center of the throat, through the blank stare of shock
So that only we and God can hear. Give Him a moment’s rest from our pleading.
And us, too.
Sit here with me, together
Let’s look at each other, stare and marvel with wide eyes
the million broken shards, some blunt some sharp some splintered
one human to the other: “What has become of you, stranger?”
Let’s paste each other back together. You do some, I do some.
It’s not going to be perfect but
It’s going to be.
Let’s sit here together next to our pain.
Let’s cradle it in the ache of a mother’s arms.
Let’s whisper it so only we and God can hear.